In the year 2006 the new group ACSA Chimica Srl was created. This group includes the SACMA and ACI-Inveruno trade marks and supplies customers with a vast range of tannery and shoe finishing products.

SACMA was founded after the Second World War, during the period of rapid industrial expansion of the tanneries in Italy. We have exclusive market in the field of leather finishing products, which is highly appreciated because of its good quality.

It is one of the first companies in this field to realize the necessity to expand its own presence into parallel sectors and for this vision it merges with shoe industry (ACI INVERUNO).

Other than Italy, we have emerging markets all over world, thanks to the technical assistance and the agents distributed in the areas of high commercial interests.

The company gives to the customer the opportunity to confront with the articles realized on present fashion trends.

Our technicians are available on requests, to reach the customer in any part of the world, both via telephone as well as in person depending upon the necessity of the situation.


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